Monday, September 7, 2009

Inteligence & Ignoance

   There is a modern day myth that has infected the average citizens of America in the last hundred years that needs serious debunking. This myth evolves around the definition of the term and word “Intellectual”. 
    I have been subjected by several members of our current presidents administration, too the misuse of the word intellectual, just one too many times. I’m sure that others have taken notice of this also, as it’s implied to mean they have superior intelligence, than the rest of us, so we should defer to all the intelligent ignorance they spew. And don’t bother telling me that to use the words, intelligent and ignorance as I just did is oxymoronic because there is a truth hidden within.
   Just like many people of wealth, seem to think that their intelligence is proportional to the wealth they have acquired, so it is with those that seem to think that the more time or level of scholastic achievement they acquire, gifts them with intelligence thus they think they are intellectuals’.
   Accumulated knowledge is neither intelligence nor indicative of intellectual thought. But this is the myth created by academics’ of modern times and has been instilled in the minds of the general public of America as a tool to create submissive behavior and their perceived superiority.
    A knowledgeable person could be compared to an encyclopedia or dictionary but intelligence or intellectual thought is a “process:” that uses this knowledge in analytical and conceptual ways. A true intellectual never uses in thought, deceit, subterfuge or force those are the every day tools of the ignorant. You might say it uses knowledge scientifically free of judgment of the resultant conclusions it produces.
   Intelligence cannot be taught but can be learned individually. Of all the various stations in life and society those in the political, rarely have an intellectual capacity of any significance. And a true intellectual takes pride in their intelligence but never flaunts it, to do so will only diminish it. And above all never see themselves as superior in any way to others, which is the hallmark of ignorance. All intellectual thought exists only in the objective whereas none exists in the subjective.
   Anyone that tells me they are an “intellectual”, all I see is “ignorance”! Regardless of how smart they may be.

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