Friday, September 11, 2009

Social Games

   We Americans love to play social games, it is our favorite pastime. But we do not take any of this social game playing seriously after all it is just a game. Any and all whom take this social game playing in a serious way will ultimately incur the wrath that lies deep in the bosom of all true Americans, just ask Bernie Madoff as an example.
  This wrath that lies deep in our bosoms is potentially lethal to all who do not understand us and/or our Country. We enjoy social and or cultural games, but if one uses this game playing against us individually or as a whole, we will respond as a whole, in ways that are lethal if necessary with no more remorse than swatting flies. Just ask the Japanese if you doubt this.
   The socialists among us have been playing games with our youth, through our educational system and through our government and legal system for many years. As long as it appears as just social game playing, we just play the same game right back at them. Don’t make the game serious, or you will incur our wrath.
   Obama and his appendages have taken this game playing to the extremes because he doesn’t understand that to the rest of us it was a game. Not a serious desire to change our entire way of life or the foundations upon which it stands. What he has perceived as weakness and/or ineptitude of the people was just a game. His idea of the game is too serious and must be rethought or it will be swatted to its demise.
   Our social games have rules that limit all the players with harsh penalties and we will not tolerate anyone trying to change or violate our long established rules.
   My advice to Obama is the same advice given to Forrest Gump, “Run Obama Run” before we catch up to you, we accept your ignorance but only within the rules of our games.
  Forrest is the most accurate comparison to Obama, I could come up with, his ignorance abounds, while his luck is unfathomable.    

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