Tuesday, September 15, 2009


    Everything or issue before and under consideration by the federal government is based on a false premise, and all the rhetoric and argument stares in the face of the truth and the Constitution. That false premise is; that any of what they are proposing is nor ever was the constitutional business of the federal government.
    The debate is and should not be about what healthcare America is going to have. But their authority and/or right to even discuss it. Neither, Obama or the congress has this right under our American foundation.
   If he and/or the democrats continue this tyrannical bullying of the American people and the Constitution, we the people will have no recourse but the violent removal of them just like the British, we will not fire the first shot offensively just like before, but in defense of ourselves and our country that they are proceeding to socialize.
   Every police officer and soldier in America is first an American, and the majority by far will refuse to carry-out the enforcement of their socialist policies and laws, they took their sworn oaths seriously.
   Obama is a foreign agent in sheep’s clothing and posing as an American only. He has a big mouth that spews nothing but ignorance along with all the un-American leadership of the democrat party and he is going for broke, damn the people full steam ahead. His and their fate is sealed, the American people will not stand by while they say just give it a chance, because we know, its just history trying to repeat it’s self inside our own country.
   The American people refused to understand or accept all the warnings of German and/or Japanese intentions and threats for years limiting our government’s responses’ to them, but when the Japanese hit Pearl Harbor no power on earth was going to hold the people back. The so called healthcare bill is Obama’s Pearl Harbor a dastardly act that will go down in infamy. ACORN, SEIU, AFT and the like, all the leaders of the socialist democrat party would be wise to approach Canada seeking asylum before the revolution hits with full force. It’s even too late for Obama-lite, he’s done as of his last deceptive lying speech to Congress.
  Communism is Obama’s dream most likely the same dream of his father; he cut his teeth on it, and Islam. It can only be said if you are taught by ignorant people, you will end up with that same said ignorance to influence you.
   One word describes Obama and his ilk “tyrannical”, king George got it, but Obama hasn’t, yet!!

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