Sunday, May 2, 2010

To Error is Human

   To error is human so the saying goes, but in American society if one is fraught with error in ones behavior and/or thinking they are doomed to the class of the ignorant. This class of people does not conform to any specific demographic set of citizens, but in some they represent the higher social levels and in others the lowest.
   Over time the percentages of error ridden ignorance at the highest and lowest levels of each social demographic fluctuate, some of the time to extreme levels of ignorance. When ever this occurs the ego destroys the concept of error and sets that demographic group on a course of cultural self destruction without the concepts of logic or commonsense.
   This error ridden ignorance appears most prevalent among those in the compacted environment of towns and cities, the larger and more compacted the higher level of overall ignorance prevails among the populous.
   The explosion of this American form of ignorance first manifested itself when America went from farming to manufacturing as people left the farms to compact themselves in towns and cities, the so called industrial revolution. This condition removed individuality from people and the focus became the unnatural social collective which is repulsive to the individual. This is where the social error factor exploded with the resulting social ignorance of individuality.
   The more people are treated socially like herd animals the more errors of ignorance they engage in among themselves like a chain reaction it becomes self perpetuating.
   Communism was the first to recognized the problem but do to their error ridden thought tried to disperse the populous back to the rural conditions they came from with disastrous effect because that system of governance wither city or rural does not condone or support individuality.
   For America to copy the errors of histories collective societies will be the biggest error of ignorance foisted onto any advanced society. We must find and accommodate individuality in our cities by avoiding the pit falls of error and ignorance of collective thinking and behavior, and return to our beginnings as a nation of sovereign individuals.
   In America if our leaders refuse to treat the people as individuals and persist in moving more and more toward the collective, the people must individually take the initiative from them and regain our individuality or history will record America as just one more failed system of governance. Globalizing the collective is the epitome of error and of ignorance.  GAP  

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