Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Herd

   There is an old saying, I don’t know its origin “familiarity breeds contempt” it reflects the truth of human nature whereas another old saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” reflects the same truth of human nature but different aspects of it. The first reflects the intolerance we have for others and the second reflects the power of the imagination.
   What that should tell us, is people are not naturally herd animals, when we group-up time will make us contemptuous of one another which of coarse leads us to create animosity and sometimes even expressions of anger and hatred. The larger and more compact American society becomes the more this fact is borne out. This fact applies to Nations as well as individuals, but this is only one side of the coin!
   Can humans teach a rabbit not to be a rabbit? Of coarse not it is what it is! Humans are not rabbits, but that is what our human nature would like us to believe, which leads us to the cause of those old sayings.
   Human beings have the skill of intellect that should act as a counter balance to our human nature but it cannot do so if we teach our young otherwise, by inferring that we are under the control of our human nature instead of the intellectual capacity we all have. Only those who view life through their mental prowess can counter those old saying.
   In America our academia go’s out of its way to teach us that we cannot compel our human nature to be subservient to our intellect. When we teach Saul Alinsky to people we give the notion that people are but animals to be manipulated through their human nature and of coarse all herd animals must have a leader of the pack and old Saul will explain how to be the leader of all the rest of those animals of human nature.
   This is what several generations of Americans have been taught, but Saul Alinsky was not the first only the latest to teach his principles. He teaches his pied piper lessons as only the furtherance of progressive thought which originated from Marx, Engles and Lenin.
   The weakness in all the propaganda through education (sic) is that no matter what, it can all be undone in a flash  when ever the people become enlightened to their personal misdirection and discover that it is only their leaders that are the lead animals and they will break away from the herd.
   In America today we are witnessing this very scenario in the leaderless tea party movement and all their Alinsky style and continued propaganda will not be able to bring the runaways back into the herd, they have become individually enlightened! And will no longer recognize the authority of the pack leaders.

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