Thursday, April 8, 2010

The True Patriot

   Those who try to convince Americans that our Constitution is a living document do so based on age and the differences today in how we live, somehow makes it obsolete. Age, in and of its self is not evidence of obsolete status and no one openly gives particulars as to any point of what is obsolescent within it. The very few who have tried fall flat when nuance and parsing are removed from their arguments. The Marxists and socialist have tried to make the case of obsolescence, yet their ideology of the benefits of the collective have been proven wrong and obsolete by the very document they wish to declare obsolete, Americas Constitution.
   The Constitution of the United States is more relevant today than it has ever been, more relevant to each individual than the Bible, Koran or any other religious or founding documents in the history of mankind. As such, men of all stripes speak against it in defiance of the truth and their own perceived superiority over creation and the world. The human ego has not bounds!
   If we as individuals love life and liberty, time and experience it should cause us to turn a deaf ear to the nonsense that permeates the human condition, and stand-up to all naysayers of the American way, foreign or domestic. 
Real Patriotic thought is not a flash or momentary feeling one experience's when our flag is raise or the national anthem is played. Although those things may drag patriotic thought into the emotional, the emotional is not the home base of patriots. A true patriot lives his/her patriotism day in day out, it is a mental state which is his/her home, and there’s no place like home! 
   When we start advancing into our maturity, it is the lack of individual liberty that drives to us to leave the home we knew and loved on the emotional level as children. No man/woman is an island or wishes to be homeless indefinably so we make a new home as adults, and most find it in the patriotic sense of country, our country becomes our new home which in America allows for the liberty we all yearned to have as young adults.
   Those who choose to remain homeless or wish not to make country home, are not patriots or patriotic but have estranged them selves from home, which was the country of their birth and find a imaginary home in one ideology or another that is foreign, emotional and imaginary, They are homeless vagabonds not worthy of Family or Country or the respect of either, who’s sacrifices gave them the opportunities’ they scoff at in favor of childish fantasy as their own follies. They function as their own worst enemies unable to identify the realities of life itself, due to the fog of the fantasies they have surrounded themselves in that they perceive as home.
   True patriotism is a manifestation in the reality of intelligent life and will not suffer fools or the ignorance of fantasies of willful opposition to it, in perpetuity.

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