Monday, April 12, 2010

Communist & Conspiracy

The word “conspiracy” has been ostracized in civil society just like the word “communist” and anyone daring to use them or level them will face the wrath of the powers that be, and impugned before discovery, as emanating from the kook fringe of society. This of course only applies to those outside the political correctness that is prevalent.
    Both of these words fall under the possible psychology of the imagination or reasoning processes of human thought but have been so positioned by society as only emanating from the imaginary when inferred as not PC.
   When a conspiracy is implied, the honest broker of civil discourse needs only to determine if its base stands solidly imaginary or of non-imaginary reasoning before rejecting it. We all imagine that we see or otherwise perceive both words in our civil discourse, but if a thorough vetting through the reasoning process validates them it is a fools errand to discount them out of hand, because they both have significant bearing on everyone in society if valid in there applications.
   Communist ideology historically is a self proclaimed conspiracy not separated from conspiracies as a general sinister and criminal activity. Anytime two or more people conspire against others raises the possible specter of wrong or criminal behavior simply by virtue of the secrecy it implies.
   Consulting with others is different only in the sense there is no cooperation or coordination of action or inaction agreed too, thus no conspiracy. If otherwise it is criminal, wither obviously harmful to others or not.
   In America today all things being equal and political; conspiracy is the name of the game as apposed to transparency of organized activities and way too many are sinister conspiracies’ with corrupt social intent. When people get together and organized too self promote them or their organization, is not a conspiracy unless that promotion is by activities against others in order to by comparison make them selves look better. 
   This has become so prolific throughout our society that no one wants to enforce the regulations against any other, because they live by the same standards, so now there is no one watching out for civil security from conspiracies even the known conspiracy of communism which today is known by the word “progressive” which is its new conspiratorial name.
P.S. the sending of large numbers of investigative reporters to Alaska is and was an obvious conspiratorial act by American media against Sarah Palin, the nature of which was/is criminal.  GAP  

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