Friday, April 16, 2010


   The missing link between adolescence and adult hood is not physical but psychological and we, that is, societies cannot depend on chance, but the metaphysical skill of the human mind through guidance in the following;
Human Intellectual Development (HID). Thru; The Introverted Capacity of Introspective Assessment (TICIA).
   If we leave it to chance roughly 33 % will fully develop HID. If we provide guidance roughly 33 % will not fully develop HID.
  Humans physically exist in the Plasma of the physical world, whereas the mind exists in the plasma of the metaphysical world separated by dimensions’ to the individual one existence is unadulterated subjectivity the other like wise objectivity. Both experiences have a shared capacity within the sum total of the metaphysical mind of man. They can be complimentary or contradictory to each other dependant on the varied subjective experiences and conditions during early physical growth and before and during the development of objective knowledge and understanding or (HID).
   All subjective knowledge and understanding is accumulated through the physical perceptions of the body which have very limited bandwidths bolstered by the imagination, whereas as the objective mind accumulates knowledge that can expand knowledge and understanding far beyond the limited bandwidths of our physical perceptions and/or the imagination. The imagination does not create understanding it creates presumptions as substitutes.
   Human childhood and adolescence creates and accumulates a vast amount of subjective knowledge and presumptions as understanding. All this knowledge does not just disappear when we reach full physical adulthood and much of it acts as an inhibitor to the accumulation of objective knowledge and understanding within the mind.
   This is where; The Introverted Capacity of Introspective Assessment (TICIA) must come in, in order to fully apply Human Intellectual Development (HID)
   This will adjust and/or transcend the subjective knowledge and presumptive understanding of youth so the mind will work in tandem with the newly developed and associative nature of our minds, by adjusting the contradictions’ within it’s self, between the subjective and the objective.
   Just a small example of knowledge and understanding; as a child your eye perceives the color of an object to wit you learn, is referred to as the color red. When you grow-up you may learn the color red is to the eye as a specific frequency of light. Beyond that most people go on throughout life referring to every object they see at that frequency as a red object and will argue with any that say otherwise, for they have no idea of their own objective ignorance because it has been confirmed to their minds by both their subjective youth and likewise shallow objectivity of the adult mind.
    This is all well and good if you are dealing with the color of an object for strictly practical purposes’ but if you want to argue the reality or truth of the matter you would have to objectively consider wither the frequency striking you’re eye is Emitted by the object or reflected by the object, which changes the entire idea of the object as red or just reflecting that particular frequency in the light spectrum while absorbing all others.
   This example should explain why the reality that one perceives by their subjective mind is not necessarily the objective truth of the matter, and prove or evidence of that truth can only be obtained with objective analysis and/or testing which in some cases are satisfied by just ordinary commonsense which is an harmonic expression of (HID), not what is referred to as a generality, whereas a generality is a expression of the subjective imagination.
   In the matter of fallible human judgment the expression “beyond a reasonable doubt” is the standard by which the key word is “reason” within which the subjective imagination has no role to play in the judgments of our fellow man. Circumstantial or antidotal evidence should never be considered as beyond the realm of doubt, it contains no certainty in the objective mind only in the imagination.     

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