Monday, May 24, 2010

Humans & Beast

  It is an undeniable truth that Americans have been the primary culture on this earth to advance the conditions of individual lives of people not only at home but throughout the entire world from our founding on. But like the domestication of wild animals we make the conditions of their individual lives better, at the utter failure of making the animal itself improved or better in any measurable way, they remain in perpetuity what they have always been just “wild animals” coercively kept in the best ideal conditions of life known.
   The complete fulfillment and or development of a life wither human or wild animal can only be achieved by mutual respect for the individual sovereignty of each life within the boundaries that evolve over time. For human’s the formula to achieve this was developed and established in America by our Constitution.
   The more evolved and educated we become the more this simplistic reality eludes us, driving us to revert to the coercive holding of people in the most unnatural conditions, not unlike the keeping or domestication of wild animals. This cycle of sovereignty verses captivity repeats itself over time because mankind appears not to be able to evolve intellectually in the understanding of itself. (Human nature)
    Only once did it appear we understood this and it was this understanding that caused us to create the Constitution as our blueprint for cultural success with individual sovereignty as its core value. We called it freedom and liberty but what it really is, is individual sovereignty within the boundaries set forth in the Constitution similar to a wild game preserve which has its security provided. This is America and Americans duplicated no where else on earth.
    You cannot remove Sovereignty from the human mind any more than you can remove wild from the wild animal coercive power can subjugate the spirit only, but never the mind of beast or human.

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