Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don’t Tread On Us

   There are a few simple and basic things all American children must learn and understand before the older generation or even their peers for the most part, will accept them as mature adults with an intelligent capacity. Those with deficit of these things of intellect hear responses’ from others to their behavior like this;
“Who the hell do you think you are?”
“If you try to shove it down my throat, I will stick it right back up your ass”
  These type responses’ are at first defensive, but always harbor an offensive response. That is what Americans are all about because we individually view none, as our superior or ruler and in that sense even from uppity children we will always become belligerent when we think we are being put upon. (Notice I didn’t say, feel we are put upon)
  The greatest weakness we Americans have is a slowness to catch on to the manipulators and the ignorant in society and the world, but once we catch on, we will never back-down or submit to them.
  This child-like behavior when used by government officials will garner nothing short of offensive action from the adult citizens among the populace. American government was created to only do for the people, not to them, and pick and choose, what segment or segments of society will garner government support, is not within its province.
  We will discriminate, so they may as well start building the gulags’ to hold us in, and I’ll bet there will be many black Americans right along with all the rest, once they catch-on that it’s not about skin color but individual sovereignty, then they will no longer give Obama a pass because of his skin color.
  Every black American whose ancestors chose to remain after emancipation, are full fledged Americans as any others, and I cannot bring myself to think, that just after they achieved that recognition across the board, they will re- subjugate themselves under the banners and cry of socialist fairness. (Misery does not enjoy company!!)
  “Tolerance” of individuals or groups to abuse, particularly by government is not an American value and never has been, and if you don’t believe me, ask any man or women descended from slavery, it is a socialist tool of submission. True Americans are compassionate both in the benevolent and offensive behavior of our character.
The best defense is a strong offence!! And offence used in defense is no vice.

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