Monday, January 25, 2010

Wise Latino Woman?

   American society is the first society to actually and actively seek destruction of wisdom. We place all intellectual values on the imaginary, generated by our emotional reactions to life as we find it and call that wisdom. The sum of which is all contained within one Supreme Court Justice who is a self professed “Wise Latino Woman” of which all three words declare loudly her total incompetence and lack of wisdom as a unbiased jurist or seeker of truth and justice. And all those in her support are living proof of government malfeasance. 
   We Americans used to chastise women that were elevated in position by using their bodies, not anymore, now we just shrug it off as a normal advancement process and is accepted, but we expanded it to include ethnicity, lifestyle, and ignorance or tenure as qualities deserving of elevation as apposed to competence, skill and ability.
   Today competence, skill and ability are related only as they apply to gaming our social and governmental systems unrelated to any responsibility or value added to the positions they seek, not only in government but in any and all social or business positions. All those who make note of this reality are considered naive or Pollyanna in thought.
   We have for all intense and purpose, substituted the word naivety for wisdom and wisdom is lost to the ages.
    Goodness is bad, sincerity is naïve, right is wrong and if anyone is not effective at gaming social and governmental systems are the ignorant, in the eyes of the gaming commission of the elites.

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