Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Big Con!!

   Progressive?;  Now who could be against progress, its liken to who can be against the children or safety, it is a word that lends itself well to the con-side of all societies but always comes to loggerheads with them, after long periods of individual suffrages. The word progressive used in every culture, is the reciprocal of progress an inversion of its meaning as a form of subterfuge. Its product is always the opposite of progress for the growth and advancement of the human condition within any society.
   In America today the word “intellectual” is the second most used word that acts as a support word for “progressive” as a contributor to the psychological con, and in like fashion is the opposite of intellect. Both words are applied to individuals and/or groups for the same goal of giving societies a false sense of truth and/or reality. They place psychological façades in the mind, which never needs evidence of fact to support them.
   A progressive never seeks progress, and an intellectual rarely uses the intellect, except to facilitate the cultural con. Every con reaches the point of the sting, sooner or later, and all that’s left is how well it worked before we all discover or become aware that we have been conned, but with out knowing who conned us, all because people in a civil sense are ignorant of generational knowledge and understanding.
   It appears to this writer that Americans in large numbers, after more than one hundred years are beginning to recognize the con for what it is, and it is my wish that they know who and how, so as to punish the social and political grifter’s of our American culture.

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