Saturday, January 16, 2010


    How do you make a threat or give a warning of your potentially violent or other wise intents without bearing responsibility for making the threats. Simple, you do it via third party inference, which is the way of the political left all over the globe. That is the source and method of all the environmental gurus. In years gone by they were called demagogues in both religious and civil societies and have beset societies since the days of Christ and before him. Many will make their warning and threats with a broad scope, assuming most will think they individually are outside the scope of them, “not I”! But behind the demagogues are always those who are determined to make things happen to give a kind of reality to the demagoguery; it is to them I present the following; 
   As an individual sovereign I do not take warnings or threats well, regardless of origin, which I will always ascertain. Once the source is determined, precognitive scenarios’ or strategies’ are developed with every conceivable tactic permanently ingrained for my responses, leaving the reactive or expected response as a surprise to the aggressor.
  Once initiated in defense only, I become the aggressor, I will take offensive action and I will not stop, hesitate or back-off until honed in on the source and no quarter will be given.
  This is and has been my life long oath, commitment and my answer to any and all who directly or indirectly threaten me and/or mine. It is always better them, than me and/or mine
   This is not a threat of violence but a commitment of any response to violence. I am not big, strong or young but the advantage I carry is preparedness and the cunning of pre-cognitive thought which I share not. From these statements all that can be gleaned in the name of justice is the sureness that it’s coming, where, when and how is the question!

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