Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The truth and nothing but!

   The internet is a very good outlet by which people can reach out to a larger and more diverse group of people that would other wise be to difficult for some to communicate with.
   When I was a child, we used the telephone to those same ends. That only goes to show the deficit in accumulated generational knowledge and makes us all less intelligent, where each generation has to start from scratch in pursuit of intellectual growth and understanding. People cannot effect or gain knowledge between themselves in the absence of an open mind and unencumbered inquiry. It is called intercourse between people, but only as long as both sides keeps their minds out of the gutter in every respect.
   If I or you mention something Obama is doing, Bush is not part of the discussion or vice-versa where comparison of one or the other person has nothing to do with the rightness or wrongness of an issue or point of discussion, choosing personal sides is not intellectual banter it is the demonstrative evidence of the “failure to communicate”.
  The word “No” is not a request; it’s an order, or exclamation of ones own ignorance to a question. It also implies a negative as apposed to affirmation, but it never contains possibility, it is absolute.
  Humans gain nothing by making noise just for the sake of making noise, and words without context are just that noise. If one cannot draw or extract context from someone else’s writing or speech, one need’s to ask one’s self, is it me or them that is failing to communicate. Assuming via the ego is a false starter.  
   The original Constitution is unchangeable; by Congress, judicial fiat, Amendment or the people. It either is or is not our foundational law and only “we the people” in aggregate have the rights to repeal it, and reinstitute it for our own benefit by the same precedence as set by our Founding Fathers. 
   Criminals are the originators and instigators’ of social and civil wrong doing, and it is these same said criminals that are trying to make the public response and push-back as equal an act as that which is perpetrated against them. A response to an act of wrong, no matter the degree is not criminal, it’s called self defense.
   Retribution is the prerogative of the individual not government. governments job regarding criminals is not rehabilitation, or punishment, but only separating the criminals from the general public wither short, long term or permanently from us. The criminal has no right to aggravation as justification or mitigation of an original act. If aggravation was justification how many acts might I have committed myself already.

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