Monday, February 1, 2010

Object to objection?

   Threaten my liberty then strenuously object to my objections makes sense right?  The most absurd activity of progressives and socialists is incessantly trying to fix things that are not broken, which ultimately breaks them, so they then can say, see it’s broken so we need to fix them. The Active ingredient in their formula is to object to objections of their policies of change, for the sake of change alone.
   The word progressive no longer means progress it means encroachment on liberty and individual freedom until all is usurped from historically successful ways and means of American society. Too which I and all true patriots strongly object, so take your progressive objections to my objections of your actions and love it or leave it.
   We Americans have always been amenable to improvement of ways and means which constitute progress and change just for the sake of change alone does not assure in any way improvement, without the necessary practical and historical evidence of fact.
   Idea men/women are a great asset to any society or culture, but the practical applications of those ideas come only from completely different kinds of minds, and rarely reside in the same person or persons that have the ideas in the first place. It takes one kind of person to start a business, but a different kind of person to successfully make it work, the innovator is rarely a competent operator or maintainer of good and great innovation..
   America as a nation is the only country in known history that had the advantage in its creation of several men and women of the rare capacity to understand both innovation and operation that made America flourish. It is only incompetent change that has diminished us as a people and a nation. This is why we need to harken-back to the understanding of the men and women of our past for the answers to America’s cultural and political problems of today, the evidence of our plight is there for all to see and understand.

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