Friday, February 12, 2010

The rights of Franchise Vs Liberty

   There is uniqueness in human nature in societies, that when told by others of authority that this or that is a fact, ably knows the truth or falsity of it without knowing the why, it’s instinctual. Even while knowing what’s right or wrong, most will not object out of ignorance of the facts, and will react in a passive way. But when presented with the facts of the case, most will react strongly to the fact they were misled with intent. This is why people in authority wish to control broad dissemination of information or the truth of fact.
   Take the word or meaning of franchise; which means one has the authority to grant limited permission to others. This authority is not an aspect of American government, federal or State except in the area of public security and/or safety. The granting of licenses to do business or establish a business is not a franchise authority of American government at any level, outside of the security or safety aspects mentioned. In other words regulation of business outside of public security and safety does not grant government franchise powers over the business it’s self.
   All of the proceeding has been put in place to enhance the taxing policies of government making private businesses a tax collector as though all businesses are part of government itself with powers over the liberty of all the people never intended.
   The Constitution of the United States grants the federal government the right of franchise to the states but not to the people, and only within the limits proscribed therein. Consequential case law cannot in any way alter the Constitution.
   We all know these things instinctively yet through passive ignorance, continue to remain in ignorance of these truths of facts!!! When, where, why or how the people do business is not the business of government let alone how much profit or loss we may incur. All this is the core source and beginning of the loss of individual unrestrained liberty in America!

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