Friday, February 19, 2010


   From the very first gathering of people into communities up and through today’s towns and cities, every one of them had town beggars, town drunks, town poor, town cripples etc. With the growth in numbers of people over time, there are many more examples of every extreme of the human condition one can think of.
   The weakest argument anyone could use, is to hold up to the general public, examples of these extreme human conditions as though they were/are anything other than extreme anomalies, to solicit help or support like providing causes for the town do-gooders. It is and always has been the method most used by scammers and politicians, by appealing to the emotions rather than commonsense, for those who have no argument of appeal otherwise.
   Never put your trust in people who use and/or hold up the anomalies of the human condition as an example to solicit your support and/or help for others to overcome accidents of birth or personal choice as though you or the community at large are responsible for their condition. The last thing an individual should do is accept responsibility for others by being shamed or forced into it. Precedence is not a call to action; it tends to keep humanity traveling in the failed circles of the past. All precedence that is historically positive to the overall community of mankind is the only precedence that matters and the only actions required is to return to it whenever we stray.
   The best of a human community always comes forth in times of community crisis without solicitation from others and it is the aggregate that determines what is crisis and what is manufactured crisis. Emotional appeal in real crisis does not benefit, but does make one skeptical of its veracity. The exceptions are children and the ignorant. 
   All pre-organized plans fall into chaos and disarray during real crisis and it is always the unplanned efforts of community that are most effective, but have to overcome not only the real crisis but the planning experts to boot.
   In every modern community of man the biggest obstacles to progress and development they face can be placed at the feet of highly educated expert planners, because the dynamics of human behavior are not within their capacity to understand and or incorporate. And that is the same incompetent ability of all central planning and/or control within societies. The less we humans try to control humans the better off we would all be. That is the basics that the founding fathers of America understood and incorporated in our Constitution, which we modern Americans have discounted as relevant to modern times, but is in truth more relevant than ever.

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