Wednesday, February 17, 2010


   Question; when does a man show his true colors answer; only after you’re committed to him. That is if you are not astutely enlightened. Everyone that’s politically enlightened readily saw Obama’s true colors and it wasn’t black but red like in a socialist or communism sense, and since his election he has been flying his colors high The large segment of the American electorate that elected him to office speaks loudly as to the number of Americans that lack intellectual enlightenment of history and American history, specifically. That is because America insidiously replaced education w/ propaganda over the last hundred years.
   All is not lost yet and won’t be, because outright revolution is the fall back position of  true patriots and Americans have never been short of bravery and guts when the chips are down while those who would reduce us, won’t even be able to trust the people that provide the very security that keeps them safe for now. Law enforcement and the military will not answer to a tyrant in the pinch between the people and the government.
   Make no mistake, Obama and the democrat leaders, are wannabe tyrants, in the same vain as Stalin and/or Hitler and his brown shirts, the only thing they didn’t have to stop their rise to power was the American people.  
   The billboard on highway 41 in Wisconsin that says “impeach Obama” is realistic! Yet the current members in congress don’t think they have cause to impeach him, how about treason for starters! The out and out aiding and abetting of Americas enemy’s in the UN and around the world is undeniable evidence.
   The very next Congress can prevent the inevitability of revolution, by either cutting of the money supply or impeachment, either way they could reduce him as a relevant power in and of himself.

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