Monday, February 22, 2010

New Generations & Progress

   Every new generation of men and women is only better, smarter or advanced if they first learned the lessons from the past. Just being born into a more technically advanced society doesn’t mean the individual can avoid starting from scratch in obtaining knowledge. This is not a new world, nor the beginning of time for mankind, if you don’t know the truth of how and why you got here; you cannot intelligently direct yourself or others into the future.
   Nothing just happens in the lives of men, a wild animal is always a wild animal, the art of domestication does not remove the wildness within the spirit, it only acts as a controlling factor and works to most effective status, when self imposed by each animal. All the pundits say that each generation should want only to leave this world in a way that leaves their posterity better off than they were. Real human progress in societies can not be measured by material and technical advantages; it is only the aggregate psychological condition that demonstrates generational human improvement over time, within any given society.
   Time is the limiting factor for each individual to achieve progress in human development in today’s modern world. As time moves forward, history or in other words what came before, becomes more and more relevant to our courses of action today, otherwise we will as humans, indefinitely repeat the mistakes of the past. This forces us to condensed history even more so for each succeeding generation as apposed to the cut and paste methods of today.
  The development and access to documented history has become so voluminous the individual can only access it on a specific need basis to supplement the condensed version learn in his/her education. This makes for critical overview by any society at large in order to give the student a balanced yet complete and condensed, honest and true view of our past, leaving specifics and judgmental conclusions to be drawn by each individual as apposed to teachers or society at large.
   In today’s societies overall or in general wise men are non-existent, where wisdom has been fragmented among the populace, making singular or even small group conclusions unwise, and thus leaving the human ego the most regressive part of our Nature.

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