Saturday, July 17, 2010

Leaders ?

   A lesson mankind has learned and unlearned time and again over its history “man is not a herd animal by instinct that needs a leader”. Human leaders most always mislead those that surrender their individuality to them.
   This lesson or lack of; is what leads man toward what we call the collective, and away from the individuality that makes mankind the supreme animal on earth. When ever a man follows another it must be because they individually perceive intellectually that it’s the correct course of action, not because of the cult like presence of the leader. This otherwise makes us susceptible to being misled or robot like. In plain language individuals should never follow another out of intellectual blindness like herd animals. Man by his very nature is a lobo animal.
   Every man/women that lays claim to the mantel of leadership is a false leader of man. Even the most reluctant of mans leaders becomes in time misleaders unintentionally, do to the ego of celebrity which is the bastard of mankind. Every society in the history of man that has succumbed to the ego of celebrity is and always has been a bastard of humanity.
   Because man is by his nature a lobo animal, all collectives of man both large and small through the ego of celebrity are creations that inhibit individuality, leading us toward our own destruction.
   Americans by the 1700 s became aware do to the circumstance of their migration to a land without a single over bearing ruling elite authority, making them dependant on their individuality. Once individuality becomes manifest to the mind it becomes a live free or die mindset. This is also why, that during the formation of our government the federal was to have as little as possible authority over the individual, where security of the whole was to be its overriding mandate. Americans never saw themselves as part of any collective with the exception of security and even then loosely connected, based first on their individual judgments of circumstances.
   The human idea of the collective was by design to enslave the many to the few based on the theory that safety can only be secured by numbers, so individuality must be surrendered to the whole, thus The beginning of human slavery and tyranny.
   The theory of collective power binds the minds of mankind keeping us from achieving our ultimate destiny by confining us to the physical condition of slaves instead of individual intelligent enlightenment, the pathway set for we Americans, by our forefathers.

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