Friday, July 23, 2010

The Argument

   The problems in American society today when all the rhetoric is synthesized to its core ingredient is nothing more then the proper role of government in the lives of people. This argument was thoroughly debated during our founding by far more intelligent men/women then we find in the debate of today and nothing in the human condition has changed save our technology. All the arguments about energy, the environment, government etc. are just so much social and political distraction from the real issue, which is America’s founding and resultant form of government. So unless someone in today's argument can show something that has change about the human condition in the intervening years what the hell are we arguing about? 
   It is obvious when researched that in every debate among men there are winners and losers just like in wars and the vanquished among men never or rarely accept defeat especially in the realm of the intellect, generation after generation.
   What they do, do is create a mythology that it wasn’t the weakness of their arguments but other factors that they can somehow overcome in their next efforts, even if they have to resort to force taking it out of the realm of human intellect while avoiding the original argument they lost in the past, by distorting the past. They see this effort as academic and presume themselves to be more intelligent via the human ego. This holds to their lack of intelligence in their arguments, when they have to lie and distort the past and ultimately use coercion and force, to bring about what they see as the truth of their arguments, which is precisely why they lost the arguments in the debate many generations ago against more intelligent men/women than themselves.
   The strange thing about the truth of fact is once it becomes manifest to the human mind it will always remain the truth in perpetuity. The truth cannot be destroyed or changed, like death once manifest to the human mind even though some may not understand it, it is.
   The ignorance and avarice of man may well destroy America in time, but the truths of America will live in the minds of men/women for ever, and our Constitution is the pinnacle of the most intelligent group of men/women this world has ever known.
   Knowledge and the understanding that should be attached to it, is where wisdom comes into play, but the ego of man is the destroyer of that wisdom, in particular the ego of celebrity.
   All men/women develop an ego which is locked into their subjective personality as they live their lives. The only personal aspect of our beings that can limit and or control the personal ego we all develop, is our objective minds.
  The ego of which I speak is both self pride and self deceit to which it denies acknowledgement of either. It is like a spirit that has no form or structure, and can generally only be seen by others in the aggregate of our civil activities, quite often after the fact. It does give off subtle signals but most others miss them in the fog of celebrity until the individual achieves a full blown egotistical presence among society. The ego needs no personal encouragement; it develops to one degree or another, but unjustifiable encouragement of it is detrimental to all of society. Encouragement to achieve should never be pursued through the individual ego, but through the objective reasoning of the mind. Remember that the next time you tell your children they are special, other than to yourself.
   No living human bares responsibility for the circumstances of their birth, thus self pride or self deceit has no bearing on their linage, future or ego in the real world of our existence. History is to be learned from as to what should be emulated and what should be rejected in the here and now, absent the influence of ego. Therein is the wisdom of the ages that can provide a better future for all mankind.
   The passing of any single man or group of mankind in the grand scheme of time, amounts to either positive or negative glitches overall to be enjoyed or endured by the present, but we should not let our human history get us  locked in the cyclic patterns of the rest of the animal life of this world. America has taught us better than that, I would hope.
  F. A. Hayek made the observations about societies of men and the cause and effect of their ultimate destruction. As I see it, is always do to the presumptions and the acquired powers of egotistical people within, that they, can provide and or fine tune civil and or social systems that took millions to develop over time.
   American society is not a system in the sense that it was created by other than trial and error through the minds of    millions and has, at its base a simple document of intent to show the way. Declare the Constitution obsolete declares the entirety of American society obsolete.

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