Tuesday, September 7, 2010


                            The key to Americas’ future is Americas’ past, reconciled!
 America is the only country on earth where politics is inseparable from civil and social life they are one and the same by law. Where there cannot be a political and a separate civil/social existence for any single individual. The only separate individual status that exists is “political” or “private” under our founding principals.
  We don’t have politicians and civilians we as citizens are all politicians’ and vice/versa, the less we understand that the more we become alienated from one another like foreigners’.
   It is not within the powers of our human nature to live in harmony with our enemies’ side by side in social intercourse without constant clashes with those who wish us ill.
   Our system of governance is not mineable to any other political system and our political development must always remain within the boundaries set forth or break apart. But by breaking apart we are no longer America but lost in the jungle of the savage human nature that dominates all other nations on earth, and that always places the individual in direct servitude to others as apposed to serving our fellow man by first serving ourselves which is the way of our history and it has been shown by it, to the benefit of all others over this earth..
   When out of personal and/or individual necessity one person develops a better mouse trap, does that not benefit all men? Such was the thinking of Benjamin Franklin and his lighting rod and we must be able to reconcile his wisdom with the people of the present.
   Men/women who don’t think in terms of what is in there own best interest don’t think at all they simple react subjectively like all of the lower forms of life on earth.
   Americans of the past always had the mental attitude in life that says “damn the torpedoes full speed ahead”  but this attitude is not strictly held because we are Americans, but that here in America there were a lot less torpedoes than in other countries interfering with the ingenuity of man through collective servitude.
   If and when Americans seek to reconcile our thinking with the men and women of our earliest history and founding we will once again say “damn the torpedoes full speed ahead”

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