Monday, November 15, 2010

The Constitution Defined

   Ask yourself this question; who better to define in detail an object or work than the creator or creators of it? Yet every generation of man thinks he is smarter and has arrived at a higher intellectual plane, and knows better than those who preceded them. When in self-evident truth those in the present can know thru documented history of events but cannot understand them, so we imagine, based on faulty and fragmented data to arrive at a resolve of cause and effect even to the degree we think we understand the thoughts of our predecessors. In plain language we know of events from the past but they do not add to our individual understanding in the present, so we make it up and quite extreme in many instances and the more distant in the past the more we mystify it, that’s how myths are born.
   The Constitution was designed as a limiting document on government, and the people that are within it. It was written in plain English and needs no interpretation. And to top it off, if by chance there is a question or doubt of any particular part, the founders, the very men that created it, gave us in their own individual writings specific detailed definition and explanation to every part and parcel of it without contradiction, more so than the disciples writings of Christ’s words and actions.
   This leaves all decisions regarding American law strictly held to the standards set forth as uniquely American and exclusionary of all other world bodies of authority. No treaty, agreement, or otherwise commitment by the officials of the United States holds the force of law within our sovereign boundaries outside the strictest adherence of our Constitution.
   There is no left or right of the Constitution, only left or right in the minds of politicians or individual groups, with no legal way to apply them without violating the basic laws laid down within it. This is why socialism or any and all form of collective groups within American society has no legal standing; they are all outside American law. This is if we intend to maintain fidelity to our founding as the most unique Nation to grace the face of this earth.

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  1. The Constitution has been hijacked by people who think they know better than the Founding Fathers and to promote their "agenda" for America. Class warfare has been promoted by those who want to circumvent America's traditions and values.