Sunday, August 29, 2010

Smart Vs Intelligent

   Consider this self analysis; are you smart or are you intelligent? Only you can draw that conclusion as a self judgment, and it can only be conclusively understood if you can separate you’re ego from your self deliberations.
   All the so called experts actually think they can tell the difference and even measure your IQ, or make no distinction between the two terms (Smart, Intelligent) which by any intelligent analysis is “neither” it’s just plain ignorant.
   Every average person is smart, the degree of which can be tested by the amount of things you have knowledge of or about, but can only be tested by what is considered normal everyday knowledge, where “you” may have extensive knowledge out side the norm, otherwise one would have to take 100s of specially focused tests. which means, you are your own best judge of your own quantity of knowledge.
   Intelligence is a whole different ball of wax because everyone has intelligence which is not knowledge but the application of and internal analysis of, the knowledge you have acquired at any given point in your life. The recalling of the knowledge you have is not intelligence, which is just regurgitation of data, intelligence is in the developed talent of processes and analysis, on the sum of that knowledge.
   The more knowledge you have the better and more reliable you’re intelligence you can be, but this is the catch, you may have never learned how to analyze your own knowledge in order to draw an intelligent conclusion, and all you can do is spout data minus intelligent analysis of it. (For practical proposes called “thought”) the thoughtless expressions of knowledge are not intelligent thought. Like; you can baffle others with knowledge, but you can enlighten them with your intelligence.
   All this is what is popularly known as critical thinking which most people only use at work that requires it, seldom in their day to day lives and those who take no responsibility to themselves and theirs don’t use critical thinking at all, while understanding is the sum of intelligence.  
   The best measure I know of to measure the intelligence used by others is by testing their egos the more egotistical the less intelligent the individual. Way too many graduates from our schools have egos to match the dollars spent to educate them need I say more.

   Well I will; intelligence does not just happen it has to be used and used often, practice does make one more intellectual but to brag on it only makes one ignorant and egotistical. Oh, and a true intellectual is not afraid to publicly admit when he/she doesn’t know of or about something but is eager to learn more about it always.

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