Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mole Hills into Mountains

   Molehills into mountains; that phrase reflects the primary pettiness of American society today. We don’t listen to each other anymore, we listen for molehills that we can make into mountains and gulfs between us, much of it imaginative conjured up from the depths of our own depravity, like we actually think we know what someone else is really thinking. We then use that as the molehill to create the mountain.
   Could it be that this is because we are so phony that we see everyone else as a refection of ourselves, as it refers to our own ulterior motives in everything we say and do? If a man gives a compliment does that mean he has some ulterior motive behind it? If a man says he apposes illegal immigration does that automatically mean he dislikes the ethnicity of the immigrant? If a man uses the word black in regards to another person is that just stating a fact or expressing some prejudice? Is not white, black, yellow or brown part of the visual profile that all humans share and recognize?     
    America was not founded as a black and white society yet over the years is what we have constantly tried to make her. Our purpose from our founding on was to repudiate that world wide separation of people within our society as the opposite from the rest of the world’s cultures. As a nation we expressed our sincerity to accomplish that human goal with the sacrifice of over 600,000 citizens. We were not just fighting the southern states but the intrinsic nature of mankind to physically dominate over his fellow man.
   From time immortal mankind has sought to bring individuals into a collective, if not by choice then by force, that is and was the birth of human slavery. It was the stronger subjecting the weaker, might make’s right as it were.
   All of this human capacity for power over others was what America was to overcome in the minds and hearts of our forefathers. But this is in our nature and until man can individually rule over his own human nature the capacity to dominate others with a slave master mentality we shall never move forward as a species.
   No other place on earth but America is the potential to be enlightened to the truth of the individuality of men/women but we cannot get there through the retrograde of the social collectives and absolutely not through the coercive power of a government collective.
   Every American when push comes to shove sees him/herself as an individual first and foremost with associations or connections to others, but will always separate from them if they become possessive with demands from a collective view. This holds true wither it be family, ethnicity, gender or religious beliefs. The only rare exception is nationality.
   Over the years from the birth of America as a nation and as it grew and expanded and become so diverse many have lost sight of Americas purpose and history and as their human nature became the guiding influence which causes them not to think of themselves as Americans but revert to all the very things that drove our forefathers to reject, and then create this nation in the first place. Even though a person may reside in America no longer means they are American but retrograde Americans.
   It all boils down to a state of mind and we must assimilate those in retrograde status and in a mini-collective state of mind or expel them we cannot coexist and still remain America. Americans are individually but one and the same.

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