Sunday, August 15, 2010


   If you are an American citizen by birth or naturalized, you have an obligation of fidelity to the Constitution, the country that it represents, to the founders and every man and women that has sacrificed for it in our history. It is not a matter of individual choice! You are free to disagree with many things in America, but you cannot disagree and or appose this obligation of fidelity and remain among the faithful without incurring our righteous wrath.
   If you deny you’re obligations, that is infidelity which makes you and infidel. As an infidel you are not an American or a patriot you are like a weed in America’s garden, and when the weeds get out of control you will be pulled out by your roots and left to dry up in the sunshine of our liberty.
   Today in America we have been over crowded with infidel weeds that are threatening to choke out the very fruit of our liberties and it is incumbent on all patriots to get to work weeding, starting with the weeds in our government before we have to burn and lay waste to our own crops in order to replenish the land.
   It’s not like we haven’t had to do this before and it’s the least desirable and most terrible resolve we can draw when our own demise as a nation is at stake, but let the infidel’s know now that unless they have a metamorphosis there are no limits we will not go to sustain our fidelity to America.

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