Saturday, August 21, 2010

Re-establishment of Justice

  No matter the number of laws created; without uniform nonbiased enforcement the entire legal system is a charade at the mercy of the very human nature it is intended to control. (In Government)
  The entire enforcement arms of our justice system should be placed under the control of the chief justice of the Supreme Court with oversight authority by the House of Representatives except in cases involving its own members. This refocus of justice on the political rather than the general body of citizens was the intent of the people regarding their sovereignty from the abuses of government incased in our original constitution.
   The character of our society (The people) establishes the moral, social and civil justice outside the manipulation of government political theorists’ and within the laws of conscience. The people are capable of self governance without interference from elitists social or political, but become helpless under their thumbs and unconstitutional laws.
   The preceding is exactly what the founders intended as amendments, as apposed to the gaming of our Constitution which is what we have been doing to our basic system of self governance since day one.
   Every instance in our history that one can recall that was harmful to us as a society and as a nation was initiated thru the auspices of government officials, without a legal enforcement arm to keep them honest, because they controlled that arm making justice in America a world wide joke. (Politicians)
  The Congress of the United States of America was delegated the authority to make laws not to govern, the president was to govern the federal governments responsibilities’ not make laws, but within the laws, and the judiciary was to keep them in line with the laws and the Constitution, the basic laws. The following bureaucracy was to act as servants to those same ends.
  True justice for the people in America will never prevail if all power of enforcement is in the hands of the human nature of elected officials.

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