Friday, June 11, 2010

It's About Time

   It’s about time that at least the men and women of the world’s most modern societies cease the blame game of history as it relates to ethnicity as apposed to learned behavioral actions of individuals. If mankind has learned anything in historical knowledge we should have learned ethnicity has nothing to do with human behavior of the present or the past. That historical human trends; do not correlate at all to bloodline (ethnicity) but to cultures in every respect, and the same applies to gender. The development over time of isolated cultures was and is the establishment of human behavioral trends and within every culture there are sub-cultures that develop always vying to become predominate absent any relationship to bloodline (ethnicity). Summed up means ethnicity has no trends inherent in the blood aside from some physical conditions and/or appearances’. The old saying you can’t judge a book by its cover still holds true. It is also moronic to have pride in ones bloodline, as apposed to pride in ones previous culture. Just like you can be proud of your mother or father because the fact they were of Italian. Black, Mexican, Irish or German makes no difference they are just mom and dad, perhaps from a particular culture.
   People in general prefer the ethnic tack because you can deny association with a culture. We all know that every culture has its good and bad attributes too which we can disclaim the bad by using or reference to ethnic bloodline only. Like the way Germans denied cultural association with Hitler after the war by referring to their ethnic bloodline as good overall as apposed to their sinister cultural behavior meaning Hitler was just a bad German not that their overall culture went bad, when it was a sub-cultural aspect of their culture that became prominent and showed the entire world a serious flaw in their overall culture, not their ethnicity.(Germanic)
   The Blacks or Mexicans of America cannot deny their cultural contributions to American culture by separating themselves by claiming ethnic status. If America as a culture is racist or in any other way negative they bear as much contribution to that cultural status as any other ethnicity in this so called melting pot we call America.

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