Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sleeping Giant

   There are nations all around this globe we call earth whose peoples and cultures think based on their own experiences that they can understand America and Americans. Most of them have thousands of years behind their thinking so as to support or validate their perception of America and Americans. The problem in their thinking is it’s based on the experiences they have lived with and through from their own antiquity.
   Americans as individuals like others share many of their attributes simply because of the natural nature of mankind. But Americans have over only 230+ years developed an extra attribute that is absent in the breast of others of this world, it is unique and cannot be obtained by others, only Americans!
   We Americans ourselves mostly know not what it is or from whence it came and can only recognize it when in a retrospective mode. It usually takes some form of repression on the whole of us in this retrospective mode of thought to trigger or point it out to ourselves. But when made manifest to us as individuals, no power on this earth can control it yet it will remain outside the comprehension of all other nations and peoples. The key of this attribute was turned upon the signatures place on our behalf by the founding fathers on our founding documents and the sum of our lives over generations ingrained permanently and subconsciously into the basic fibers of our beings. We ourselves don’t even know its there, until we feel individually repressed or attacked!  
   As attributed to Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto; “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” This reference is not about the “American government” but the “American people”!!
   This awakening is under way again in America but not by external attack but by internal domestic attack by our own government on the people, and in like form it is filling the people with an even more terrible resolve internally.
It is this resolve that Americans have held in abeyance internally that is a part of our national fiber individually of which I speak that few of this world understand and imagine they can overcome and prevail over.
    A persistent repression perpetrated on the American people will garner a like response on the perpetrators because it is the natural response of our American heritage which no power on earth can withstand.

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