Monday, June 28, 2010


   When it comes right down to it, people generally prefer to mind their own personal business in both their private and civil lives so why all the conflict? In America as well as other countries of the world, every community used to have individuals within that could be described only as crazies or busy bodies, and communities used to just scoff at them with out so much as a how de do. The majority couldn’t be bother with their hogwash.   
   They are people so preoccupied by what other people do, they constitute an inhibitor to growth and development which equals progress in the lives of all concerned, in the most extremeness can cause serious reduction in social and cultural development by distraction from truth and reality, in plain language wastes the limited time we all have in this thing we call life. It was all just a simple matter of mudding up the overall affairs of the human community.
    On a individual basis they could be scoffed at and pushed aside with little impact overall, but as more and more free time from the ardors of survival liberated the busybodies from the industries of progress they found the powers of the collective or group would give them more impact to interfere in the lives of others, like as a pastime which overtime could actually grow into a vocation of sorts where they could convince others of their defiling hogwash.
    This is what built the environmental movement it has nothing to do with our environment it’s all about interfering with the lives of others like the busybodies of yesteryear using collective powers of intimidation.
   Most busybodies have a hugely exaggerated self ego of superiority, which explains how or why they think man can control nature intentionally or by accident. Nature herself creates or causes more catastrophes as mankind sees them, in single events than mankind has been able to cause in his entire existence.
    Look at oil deposits and other gas or mineral deposits that are dangerous to man but to the overall world are natural. Yet if the world by its own nature caused an oil deposit to open up in an unrestricted way would man declare it a dooms day event for the whole world or just the people in a specific location. In that sense every dangerous mineral deposit in the world is a dooms day bomb, just waiting for nature or man to destroy all life on earth.  
   I know that if I were BP and told the world of man that I will accept and will make good for all the damages from my error, and apologized for its occurrence in the first place, and then men turned right around and said; ‘you better damn well fix everything because were going to make you’ I might get feisty right back and change my mind to those ingrate inconsiderate elite snobs.
   A forest fire in the process of burning uncontrolled and the men fighting it spend more resources in trying to determine how it started than how to stop it is pure ignorance. On the other hand the men fighting it determine that to stop it they must fight fire with fire by setting a backfire that will deliberately destroy more forest are refuse the authority to do that without an environmental study by men that know nothing about how to stop the fire is also ignorance.
   When it comes to the world and nature in particularly mankind cannot find the answers or resolves by accelerated study. We are not smart enough! And never will be smarter than Nature in time and space. Compared to the world and the nature of it, man is no more than like gnats at a picnic, a mere nuisance!  
   The collective efforts of others and their groups need to be relegated back to the status of ignorant busybody’s that carries no influence in the affairs of men, all they are selling us is pure hogwash.

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