Saturday, December 18, 2010

Human Nature an Overview

Once you’re in the forest you can no longer see the forest because of all the trees, which in reality means the closer you get, the less ability you have to take in the overall picture. This is the proposition contained here which is to step back away from things in order to get the whole picture or in other words take a less subjective view in favor of a more objective view.
The founders of America had a more thorough view of human nature and understanding over the whole spectrum, than Jesus Christ himself, because of a larger view over the entire world of mankind’s experienced history. This broader view of human nature was the primary guiding factor in the development of our Constitution. This is why our unique guiding documents as a society have made such a marked impact on the entire world over the last 230 + years. At no time in the entire history of man has reason prevailed over human nature to enlighten mankind than during the founding period in America. Reason, had risen to the top and accordingly human nature must bring it down. There is no alternative to fully reasoned human pursuits!
Human nature follows a set pattern of behavior and one of those patterns is to bring down that or who and what is at the top level of any and all human endeavors. The mighty or successful must always fall syndrome regardless of reason, simply because they or it are at the top. Barnum was correct about human nature when he said there’s a sucker born every minute and that sucker is born of our human nature. The enlighten way of true human progress is not to bring down the top levels of human endeavors at any given time, but through reason to exceed them thus rendering them down, thus making a new top level, that’s true progress.
Within a truly free society of man; all men/women as individuals are with equality under the laws not equality of their conditions. The individual that is a freeloader on any society only drags that society down as whole. It is to those according to their ability regardless of wants or needs. And it is always through the coercive collective and conspiratorial power of divisive groups that have historically destroyed many civilizations good or bad from within. As individuals we have freedom of association which means the individual has the right not to associate with those they chose for any reason, and we cannot legally have an association imposed upon us by law. The preeminence of the individual is always paramount without which freedom and liberty are curtailed.
Human nature has a benevolent side as well as the socially sinister side and within any free society that benevolence will always fall on those with needs that they cannot or will not provide for themselves, and should never rise to the level of legal rights which are ripe for abuse by the sinister side of our human nature.
When ever an organized group or business becomes so large that if it collapsed it would impose a huge burden on the whole of a society it must be broken up into its continuant parts, that includes the government bureaucracy so as to minimize the impact of its failure on the whole of society. No part, private or governmental should ever be allowed to become too big to fail. This principal was touched on in the Constitution in several ways one was the separation of powers the others were in regards to the number of constituents represented by a single Congressman and the representation of a state entity by a single Senator. No single individual is capable of faithfully representing millions of individuals to a governing body.
Today a return to those enlightened constitutional principals would go a long way toward recovering the sick society we Americans suffer within, wrecked by our own human nature!

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