Thursday, April 21, 2011

Of the people, by the people, for the people!!

  Abraham Lincoln expressed with words the sum-total of the principles of Americans’ Constitutional government with; “of the people, by the people, for the people” within his Gettysburg address. His summary to Americas’ future has been forever after parsed and twisted by every succeeding generation, which has rendered it meaningless in present day America. Only the few enlightened citizens understood it, while at the same time everyone that heard or read the Gettysburg address knew it meant something most profound.
  Please allow me to explain; when the founders crafted our Constitution, the words they used could not be used to explain the intention (intent) behind their express usage without turning the document itself into a long story of explanations. That is why many of the founders wrote and spoke extensively before, during and after crafting the Constitution in order to explain in long form the intent behind every aspect of it, thus the document was the law of the land, not the explanations or intent for those laws, those can only be found in the writings and words of the founders themselves.
  To assist in explanation lets look at the words “regulate interstate commerce” within the context of the Constitution, commerce means; “business traffic”. It does not mean the business itself only the interstate trade and traffic of that business. The word commerce has been twisted to mean regulating the business, including the process of manufacture and/or the services of the business. When one reads what the founders had to say and why that clause was included, its intent becomes clear. It was put into the Constitution to prevent any one State from taking unjust advantage of any other State because of any factors not available to them like a sea port or mfg. base verses farming.
  Example; if you lived in a State that had oil resources, you could not charge the citizens of other states more for your oil than you charge the citizens of your own state, cost of transport excluded of course. Thus the commerce clause does not give the federal government absolute authority over how, what, where, when and why of any of the peoples business without showing just interstate cause for such intrusion of federal authority, and the federal government would otherwise be impudent as to the peoples business. While I’m at it I might also say that a State to tell a business in their State, like an insurance company, they cannot sell that insurance in any other State is likewise unconstitutional as a condition to operate within it. In the plain language of Lincoln, it’s all about of, by and for the people not of, by and for Government State or federal.
  The final part of understanding Lincoln's of, by and for the people is this; American government was intended to never compete civilly with any private business period and to do civilly only that, that the people could not to for themselves, not those things the people didn't want to do, but just couldn't do . That included even police, fire, parks & recreation, water, electric etc. only the military was exclusive along with weights &; measures and coinage post offices and roads, the courts etc. all else was to be of the people, by the people, for the people.  GAP 

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