Friday, December 25, 2009

The Rights of Man

   Obama and the democrat party as well as most republicans’ and all the minions of the supporting bureaucracy may soon relegate the original Constitution to the dust bin of history possibly to actually destroy it, for they can no longer tolerate its existence and influence over the people.
   But for them its to late, we the American people all have copiers which will enable its content to last in perpetuity even if they outlaw its possession or the right to carry.
   Harry Reid just announced it was about time they made Health Care a right. The Constitution is quite clear about the rights of the people and that Congress has no; zero authority over any of them nor can they create them, we have all the rights of man that one can conjure-up in perpetuity. The federal government cannot grant or make them up or take them away without resorting to tyrannical means, which is about as un-American as anyone can get, akin to treason.
   The federal government and many state governments have for over 150+ years attempted to test the removal and granting of individual and state rights and we the people lose rights every time.
    It all started with the emphasis on democracy that allowed for slavery, and just look at how much blood and wealth the people had to pay to bring that to a halt. Next came states rights via the 17th amendment, and then came prohibition, followed by special women’s rights, civil rights, handicap rights non-smokers rights and many more. Every one of which were special rights by exclusion and the depredation of the few. All based on public consensus generally or the belief that America is a democracy where the present passions of the majority establishes law and citizens rights, in complete opposition to the original Constitution and the basic laws establish therein.
   In America the majority do not rule, the truth of our history rules!!! Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice as Sen. Goldwater once said, so it should be understood; I and most patriots will not use violence to bring about corrective government action until their tyranny directly enters upon me then I will draw first blood as any intelligent person will understand, and I am not without fellow partisans. It will be as before a second shot heard around world. All defensive warnings are only words, if not backed up by unequivocal force  

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