Thursday, December 3, 2009

Political Town Hall Mettings

   Town hall meetings are and have been for years a joke that’s not funny, and the public needs to call them all to task. This should start with a clarifying what the real purpose of them are traditionally.
   The politicians seem to think that town hall meetings are for them to inform their constituency of what they intend to do. They are not supposed to be that historically, they are supposed to be for the citizens to inform them of what they direct for them do to. Politicians’ are not any better informed or knowledgeable of what should be done or what should not be done by them on our behalf, they just think they are pure arrogant egotism on open display.
   The arrogance on open display by modern day politicians in America generally is what awakens the ire of all citizens. This ire I speak of rises like a crescendo to its peak, which then manifests anger among the electorate. It will not at this point diminish and fade away but continue to spread throughout the populace until recognition of Constitutional standards are returned to, pacification is no longer a option they have to employ. They cannot undo or rewrite the ignorance of their behavior at this point, even if they do a 180, it’s too late!
   The American public is not stupid just adverse to confrontation or gun-shy until they reach the point of anger which is still under self control. If they remain steadfast in their tyrannical arrogance and ignorance they will like all others before them foreign or domestic have to face our wrath and they can only hope that’s it’s a controlled explosion of that wrath.
   What I am talking about cannot be found anywhere else on earth, and Americans are not like any others, in that we can not be brought to heel, nor will we submit too tyranny regardless the cost. “Don’t tread on me” should never be taken lightly by wannabe tyrants.

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