Sunday, December 27, 2009

Not Guilty

   America is the only nation on earth that is guilt free, yes! You read that right, and it’s about time we stood up to all the whiners and declared our self’s such, by refusing to be held responsible for the resultant actions due to the initiators and actions of other nations and peoples.
   If you slap me, and I then kick the living shit out of you, whose at fault or guilty? And don’t give me any of that proportional crap. You are the guilty party! So if you want to assign quilt and seek redemption look to yourself or others, not America.
   America as a nation, never starts or started a fight, it only finishes them. Forget all the twisted, nuanced rational, put out by all the losers all over the globe. It is only to their shame and guilt for wallowing in their own self pity. I suggest they all get over it, for we are not at fault or guilty, and we Americans need not have to justify to them our actions in the past or present. That includes our response to the native Indians, slavery, piracy or wars, Vietnam, Iraq, terrorists’ threats, etc. America is guilt free.
   Every nation on earth had to subdue the native inhabitants in order to establish it’s self as a nation, no exceptions, it was and still is the way of human nature in order to establish nationhood or specific cultures. Slavery was imposed on America by other nations before America was even founded. Piracy and wars speak to themselves as to initiation and or guilt. All else was merely a battle between right and wrong with America always on the side of right.
   From Americas founding on, how she dealt with others was from a virgin beginning quilt free, and her responses to all were just and right, under the conditions she inherited. And modern day second guessing is just so much clap-trap, and quilt or original sin is not in the mix.
   Before the American people can overcome our state of neuroses, we need to shed the false guilt trip the rest of the world has convinced us of. A good start would be to cast the United Nations out of our midst, and stop funding or otherwise supporting all those that are our false accusers, foreign or domestic. Stand up and shout the truth to the world of false accusers to answer for themselves, not America or Americans.
Slavery, genocide, greed, selfishness, warmongers and overall abusers of humanity are foreign to America, but home to the overall world of human nature.

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