Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Documented Intelligence

   Intelligence is not a measure of how much you know, but of how much you understand and the degree of depth to which you understand it. Intelligence is mostly contain in the records and history of mans efforts’ too understand quite often by trial and error, it is not contained in the minds of men, but only a summary portion of it.
   What makes individual men/women think they know better or can see the mistakes of others, when in reality and the truth, one mans mistake is another mans glory, and hindsight is all the rest of us have. Too the winner goes the spoils.
   America was born into despotic socialism and through the insight of a few, struggled for many decades to overcome the crushing burdens it imposes on the individual. We today have the accumulated hindsight of the glory of those few. Even with this documented hindsight many still cannot see the glory but can only see the trial and error that brought our glory as a unique Nation into being.
   Despotic and collective socialism has no similar ascension to glory, but in intelligent historical hindsight has only the desperate plight and suffrages’ of the individual’s under their burden, of which many still suffer to this day.
   Can any man/woman site a better prototype to adopt and follow than America’s example? The documented intelligence of history says no!!!
   The ignorance of mans follies are also well documented and no man/woman of intelligence personal or historical would have the audacity to destroy the glory of one and adopt the ignorance of the other.
   I need not to elaborate further for all those of common sense understand in depth of which I speak.

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