Wednesday, December 30, 2009


   Large cities in America today are the magnet for emotionally corrupt people; they have become the home of busybodies and social workers they are the hovels of the most ignorant among us. They represent the real balkanization of America more so than any grouping the modern minds of men/women have conjured-up.
   They were once the pooling of innovating entrepreneurs but have become the welfare centers for the weak and shiftless under the authority of the most corrupt among us akin to the mafia of organizations. And now they are gathered into one unit of total corruption by the authority of the democrat party via the federal government which in and of its self is way too large and corrupt itself already.
   When ever America has allowed any organizational form to become large and powerful the only successful way to destroy the corruption that follows them, is to break them up into smaller independent parts, it works! Not to then join them with the rest of the corrupt authorities of the world. When ever power and authority is centralized it becomes corrupt and the individuals within become slaves to it. This is an undeniable historical fact that Europe has not made note of and most likely won’t catch on too, until the European Union falls apart, maybe?
  We have become ignorant of how and why we have become as successful as a nation and we need to bring our common sense to bear, not by pulling in the reins on growth but on the size of our parts. (Our heads get to big.) 
  The answer to America’s decline and corruption lies in this; “break them down” way down. America’s power and world authority would remain the same in the aggregate without going backward.
   This represents the same principals that our founders used to create our unique country in the first place. Growth of the body is good but beyond maturity it is cancerous. The cure to the cancer of our nation is to prevent overgrowth of any of its parts now and into our future. Big and bigger becomes dumb and dumber
   This can be accomplished with minimal effort, but maximum will, against entrenched powers, to stave off our ultimate demise as a nation and as a people. It would expand opportunities for many and allow for a more local control and is practicable, reasonable, and doable.
Putting emotional attachment aside New York City should be broken up into 4-5 cities at minimum as an example.

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