Tuesday, December 15, 2009


   Every American today is either an outlaw or a facsimile meaning pseudo American. By outlaw I do not mean a criminal but has been placed outside the laws, by making the laws un-American. We the outlaws didn’t change our political positions or lifestyles it was the change in laws built-up over many years that made us so.
   This change I speak of are the same kind’s of change that Obama and his cronies want to accelerate with hyper speed uniformly across the land.
   The slavery of old America was not much different on the plantations in the south then, than it is today within the city limits of most American cities, only it has added the poor and downtrodden overall to the ranks of the black slaves within the conclaves and hovels of the cities as apposed to the plantations of the south.
   The southern portion of America was never slave holding, it was the elite classes that owned the slaves and encouraged the lower classes to behave in a racist manner toward blacks (their slaves), which was never the natural inclination of Americans as a whole north or south.
   The whole truth of slavery in America is and has been falsely laid onto the geographic area of the southern United States and all the people that resided there and in like manner the country as a whole. But the reality of this huge deception is only now beginning to open some eyes in a national sense. It was then as it is now the arrogant elite that have perpetrated this false impression on the minds of all Americans and in the face of the whole world.
   Today, it is these same said arrogant elites that have total control of all the major cities and are now trying to change the federal government into a new and most despicable nation of slaves throughout America. This goes against all the true blooded Americans and the basic soul of our nation as a people, who never and still do not desire in fact abhor this reputation being imposed on them again, by the arrogant elites of our society or the worlds.
   The vast majority of Americans seek not now or ever the control of others, as do those of the arrogant elite classes and a terrible backlash is coming to the arrogant elite classes short of their redemption and enlightenment, not only for their past bloody and inhuman deeds, but their present fundamental, corrupt and wretched desires to enslave us all under a one world socialist plantation of slaves.

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