Sunday, December 27, 2009


   One mans trash is another mans treasure, one mans fun is another mans work. Both sayings are equivalent and reflect the truth of human reality.
   In America today the most frequent use of; “but that’s no fun” or just plain “what’s the fun in that” or “all I want is to have fun” completely misses the other half and the balance of the equation which narrows the perspective to a one size fits all condition which is not realistic and does not take into consideration that what’s fun for them just might not be what some others view as fun. The adoption of which decays the thinking process into a narrow minded status.
   When ever we individually take one narrow view means we have rejected all other alternatives and that make us ignorant people. So too my fellow countrymen I ask; is an ignorance status of thought your chosen path through life, or is that just not fun enough to even bother thinking about? If this be true of your views, you are nothing more as a living being than any other of the lower animals that inhabit the world completely devoid of intelligent merit.
    This is the sum of subjective thought and does not serve any society well; the subjective thought expressed by some in their repulsion of what is referred too as corporate greed completely loses sight of their own personal greed in that equation as though they have none personally. When in the reality of social life in America there is far more personal greed among the populace than in the corporate arena. This is manifest in large part by the degree of demand by the people for entitlements’ through government on the whole body of society. What represents the passions’ of the people is individual greed. Only the love of liberty can dwarf individual greed.
   All of the afore mentioned comments were what the founding fathers of America referred to numerous times over as the avarice and ambitions of our human nature that if not kept in check would most assuredly destroy it and us all, as the last best hope of all mankind. The only entitlement any man/woman has in life does not come from other men/women but from our creator only. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, all else is just greed.

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