Monday, December 14, 2009

Choke Point

  Every American w/commonsense knows that our income tax is unconstitutional and progressive, along the communist patterns, to form the collective. But what the hell, It put Al Capone in prison. The rest of us too this day are still paying for his incarceration.
   It has been stipulated again and over again, that small business represents 75 + % of the American economy. Before it's too late and before they go out of business, all they have to do is stop collecting taxes for government, leave the money in the hands of those who have earned it, that's what I call putting your money where your mouth is, that would show them who the boss is. That would put small business people at risk of being incarceration or fined which they should refuse to pay, that is also civil disobedience for effect. If done in mass the government doesn't yet have the capacity to stop it, they would have to yield or collapse themselves into oblivion. That is the people’s choke point on the elitist of government at least until Obama creates his desired civil informers and storm troupers.
   As it stands today it is only the drone like obedience of the people that encourages the ambitions and avarice of the world of human nature and the historical quest of socialism to subdue the individualism that is inherent in the minds of all true Americans.
   When you have lost all hope of recovery from ultimate subjugation and doom, at least don’t dig your own grave, but force the hand of the grim reaper, to take you on your timeline, not his. That’s the American way!!
   Revisionist history would like us to believe that in 1917 the Russian people had finally had it with rule of a Monarch and revolted on behave of all.
   It took the socialist and various insurgents from 1825 with a series of revolts to 1917 to pull of their revolution by increasingly weakening and/or killing the same proletariat (the working Class) they claimed to represent, frustrating the balance majority into capitulation in 1917 with many mass murders, and the killing of the czar and his entire family. It did not happen over night and was not a popular movement until they killed off all or most of the opposition.
   Obama and the Democrat party believe they have created and reduced over these many past decades the people of America into the same condition as 1917 Russia, and they would like nothing more than to purge the remaining opposition, by violent means if necessary. Well, this is not Russia, and by reducing us as a people with violence to finish their revolution will backfire in his and their faces with “individual liberty” as our battle cry.

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