Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Con

  It was once understood by each person in America that those who practice deceit in their dealings with others have standard wordings, approaches and cliques such as; its for your own good, its for the children, hurry before its to late, last chance, experts say, science proves, it doesn't matter, never again, always, for the sake of god, its proven, don't be the last, they are selling like hot cakes, you don't get it, its what's best, it will save you, believe me, I wouldn't lie to you, be the first, its original, its all natural, it will last a lifetime, I guarantee it. you need it, we provide everything, its complete, you’ll love it, its better than, millions say, fully tested, lab tested, it’s the future, published reports say, its cheaper than, I personally use it, don’t pass it up, its inevitable, you will go to hell without it, you are doomed, you might get sick and die, its time for a change.
   I could go on almost indefinitely but you wouldn’t survive it (Lol). The point of this listing was to show or demonstrate that in order to deceive the deceiver tries to stop you from thinking for yourself, while selling you an idea or thing.
   The modern American appears to me, not to be able to discern a con job anymore from the truth or maybe lost the capacity to think for them selves I don’t know which, but it is something to consider if you can.
  It's not about being a skeptic it is about individual evaluation, without which we become intellectually weak.
When we ask a question the response we receive is not necessarily the answer in our intercourse with each other and that extends into the classrooms of academia as well as the general public. Belief is not an answer, nor a resolve it always raises more questions in the minds of men/women than answers. The answers will be found within, but only if the effort is put forth to find it.

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