Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Civilized Warfare

   When it comes to the application of force writher individually or collectively Reagan stated it best with brevity, “we win they lose” everything in between is just so much academics, that means nothing of substance.
   This means you don’t knowingly enter into a fight lightly or that you might lose, nor do you ever give up the fight once commenced for any reason, losing a fight was not and is not an American prerogative. Americans never lose a fight and it is to our shame that modern generations of us have given up before total victory. Bluster and bluff is not the traditional American way. There is no such thing for a true American as a good loser.
   There is nothing civilized about fighting it is the ultimate breakdown of civilized human behavior and is not more civilized because we had not choice, or if it was optionally chosen, once initiated civil standards are obsolete.
   As a nation if limited warfare or violence is the desirable coarse of action we as a nation become second rate and should for the sake of those we throw at our enemies’ as meat for their grinders, should be spared that fate and we should disband our military altogether and put our collective fate in the hands of our enemies’
   For the individual there is no such thing as half measures in the implementation of violence and the same thing applies to nations, because it is individuals that face the violence not the authority that puts them in the fray.
   To sum it up rules of engagement are civil rules and have no place in violent confrontation when others lives are at risk. No authority has the right to dictate how you win or lose a fight of violence because there are none, you only “win and they lose” that’s it. No questions asked or given. That’s the American way. And Johnny will come marching home again.
   The only place in American politics regarding war is yes or no, and no vacillating before during or after allowed that’s the Constitutional way of warfare. The congress has the authority to set the rules for the military not the rules of war because there is and never was any. World history bears witness to these truths.

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