Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kangaroo court

What does it say about the modern American civil system of justice, when the attorney general of the United States tells us all before trail, that it is all preordained including the death sentence for specific terrorists’? In addition; if by chance it doesn’t turn out his way he will not relinquish his control over them any way. This is what makes a trial by jury a joke in America, which is what used to be called a kangaroo Court.
   The difference between Civilian court and a Military court is the presumption of innocence or the presumption of guilt in that order. In civilian court if the state cannot prove guilt the only other option is innocence. In military court the presumption is guilt and the defendant must prove innocence where failing this, leaves the only other option but guilt. I know the legal eagles don’t admit this, but it is the reality throughout history if it were not true there would be no purpose for the military JAG Corp, and it is what Americans have decried about the civil legal systems in other counties since our beginnings. (That is the lack of the presumption of innocence.)  
   The entire world will see trial by jury in America for the terrorists as a façade or just a government spectacle absent any thing called justice, not living up to our own self righteous jurisprudence, but a kangaroo Court.
   Eric Holder is playing games with both the lives of the terrorists as well as American citizens solely to pump up his personal ego and legacy as an attorney general of the United States. He seeks to sensationalize the convictions of the terrorists for personal  gain and satisfaction.

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