Thursday, November 5, 2009

Take it to the Bank

   Our founding fathers stood for and promoted love of and commitment to the Constitution of the United States while at the same time distrust and fear of the men and women entrusted to its application. Our modern model of which, stands in open contradiction to its entirety and is in crescendo nearing the finale with no curtain call in the wings.
   The ignorance of Marx and or Marxism is finally penetrating, making the brilliance and intelligence of our founding to stir in the breast of patriots. The scavengers of world renown are swirling over head looking for death but when they swoop in for the feast, they will be met by the free and the brave as never before imagined, and they will reclaim the scraps and start all over again.
   Obama thinks and says the constitution is an impediment to governing, but after his and the democrat parties wings are clipped and they are caged in our history, the restrictions he thinks he sees will be miniscule in comparison to our restoration and re-founding of all we were, and intend to be. The freeloaders and the ignorant will find no solace in it.
   I am seventy, and I refuse to die just to make room for Obama and his quest of communism for America. I will die in my own time not his or any others. What his communist mentors failed to impress on him, was their tactics are only effective when applied against the ignorant, fools and the shiftless and all the previous ground work through community organizing has effect only on them not the bred in, but once asleep patriots that constitute this vast country called America. Blinders are for horses not men you can take that to the bank, just as soon as we remove the money changers from it.   

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