Tuesday, November 10, 2009


   Islam is not so much a religious faith as it is political mind control as a system of governance. Does that ring a bell in the history of others including Christian Religions? Well it should!
   America has historically shown the world, that for religion any religion to have a beneficial affect overall too any society it must be restrained by government, not part of it. Islam is just historically the latest religious impediment to human advancement and achievement and will always be contained only by blood, with the latent intelligence of the human mind, to lift man out of the darkness of his/her own human nature.
   The sinister and most evil man commits, is generated by the emotional aspects of human nature, and it is the same emotional aspects that facilitates the religious faiths of all religions including atheism and devil worship.
   All mankind is by nature born into an emotional world of mentality and it is ingrained in our physical beings. Maturity in humans can only come about by intellectual development, while simultaneously governing and limiting with full control of over the emotional, by the objective intellectual aspects of our mental existence.
   Our human emotions through our physical perceptions are in full time; “deceitful and/or liars” the eyes, the ears, the touch, the smell, the taste, all have a limited and narrow bandwidth to communicate with the mind. Because of this limited and distorted communication, the mind needs the interpreter we call the imagination, to fill in and enhance it, which from this subjective view is a fantasy world of human existence.
   Only the objective core of the mind has the capacity to identify fantasy from undeniable truths in our lives and only when it is in sovereign control of the entire intellectual realm of any given individual person.
   All the varying cultures of the world project in varying degrees this fore mentioned condition which I call varying degrees of  individual intellectual human maturity also objectively viewed as personal sovereignty. When coupled with social and or civil sovereignty represents the acme of human growth and achievement.
   American society started out in this enlightened state but has degraded over time and is continuing toward the blackness of human history with only a hint of resolve in sight through the individual and civil sovereignty that has lain dormant in American society for over hundred fifty years.

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