Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Alternative World

   The alternative world has arrived; it didn't just arrive with a big bang and doesn't have a real presence but an imaginative one. In other words a lie or fabrication if you will, and we, that is ordinary everyday run of the mill people act like we didn’t know it was a lie. How could we know it was a lie if we believed it? Thus if we believed it, it was true. This time it’s the lie about global warming, foisted on the entire world by supposed scientists’.
    This should raise a wake up call and we should soon consider this; if someone or group goes on a violent rampage and destroys the otherwise normal course of human lives the anger and or anguish experienced raises the wrath of the survivors with retribution, if for no other reason than to inhibit those in the future, of repetition.
    I don’t wish for this job but I am obligated as a sovereign individual to inform my fellow countrymen of the truth about the lie of believing things, as apposed too knowing and understanding them. Believing things is only a valid way of thought for children, fools and the ignorant. In the absence of knowing and understanding no normally intelligent person should ever promote, support or otherwise take action regarding the unknown as they individually know it to be.
    Within American culture we have been and continue to be subjected to lies and or myths many through the auspices of government piled up in so many layers for so many years its not even a feasible effort that can unravel them in order to get the full picture of the purposeful deceit in society we live with day to day.
   The only way to climb out from under this extreme load of lies is for everyone in American society individually, to simply stop believing in anything or anyone that you don't know and understand to be true on a personal and knowledgeable basis. Stop making celebrities and elites of people and things your have no knowledge or understanding about. In other words return to the individual sovereign status bequeathed to each of us by our sovereign forefathers whom believed in only a creator and themselves and their own works and industries, and where constantly on guard against the avarice of human nature including their own.
    A sovereign individual is an appendage to no one else, and has no appendages to him or her self, with only fellow sovereign countrymen as a trusted support structure.
This is the path to rebuild American culture!!, From the bottom up.

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