Monday, November 16, 2009

The Great Ones

   You know how it was said that behind every great man is a great woman. But this point should also be noted; there are and always have been many more, less than great men than great ones, so what does that tell you now?
   In my life time I have observed when it comes to couples; one or the other always puts forth the public face for both, while the other works behind the scene in support, indifference or cross purpose and great success comes only for those that receive comparable and compatible support. They work in tandem to achieve public support of their mutual purposes, and above all avoid the public impression of deceit, which is the Medias’ every attempt to portray.  
   Sarah Palin appears to me to be the one woman with a very good mans man behind her, thus has the potential to achieve greatness in her time and Americas as long as he keeps her feet solidly anchored, to avoid the pitfalls of celebrity.
   In politics and government it is the refusal to be candid in a down to earth sense, and fear of saying something not PC that the public detests. What the silent majority wants to hear and see is the raw truth not the nuanced truth; they know what it is, but want confirmation from those in the public eye even if it hurts. In plain language call a spade a spade without equivocation or simply for the shock value of it. One does not have to call another ignorant, but can and should call their public actions such. Defeat ignorance at its source in real time that is how you shame them out of it. Pick your fights with the actions of others not the personality of celebrity. The American public already knows who the ignorant ones are; they only want to know if you can see it also. Common sense will always defeat ignorance no matter how brilliant its presentation.
   This all comes from an average no-account but patriotic American. To Sarah Palin; keep it up, and Todd don't let her down. I hope that’s not too down to earth for anyone if it is “tuff.

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