Monday, November 9, 2009

From Here To There

   The only truly and righteous actions of individual men and women within society are defensive, and should bear no accountability to any other. And none exist in the nuanced or metaphysical but only in the physical existence we endure. This is the natural condition of humans since the dawn of time.
   All other peculiarities of humans that fall into the offensive nature of men and women, including the nuanced and metaphysical should demand social and civil controls to be implemented. This is the only true security that society can and must provide for each individual with no qualifiers linked to them.
   It is these principals that our original American Constitution w/ the first ten amendments provides. Each and every violation of those standards represents our decay as a society.
   I would challenge anyone to justify any law or social rule instigated by government from top to bottom that adheres to those standards that have been created in my life time. I’m sure there must be some but I know not of them.
   What I do know of, are all offensive to the individual with their base solidly anchored in the nuanced and metaphysical nature of men and women, and government has failed in its responsibility to the individual from our founding as a Nation of states and individuals.
   This failure is compounded to the nth degree by a president that has the gall and audacity to announce that America is not just a collection of states and individuals, when in fact and undeniable self-evident truth that is precisely what America is.
    If his nuanced opinion is to be validated, all American history and our founding must be erased from the evidence of record and in the minds of all. This would place us all individually at the mercy of the unforgiving past history of the rest of the world of people.
   This would put America right back where we stated from; in the despotic hands of tyrants and/or anarchy where the weak and defenseless individuals among us will have to pay the price of blind obedience or suffer under the yoke of individual oppression.

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