Saturday, November 14, 2009


   When or at what age did you stop being a student? The undeniable truth of the matter is there is no such time or age. The real question should be; are you self aware of the things you learn or are you consciously unaware or partially so? It is this unawareness that enhances the power and effectiveness of purposeful deceit!
   If a particular cultural event or occurrence has no law governing it, simply means no prosecution can be brought, and parsing or twisting a law to make it fit the situation is in effect bastardizing American law and jurisprudence.
   Any American Court should in all such cases refuse them standing under our laws thus leaving the prosecutor to appeal to the legislators. Nuanced laws are unconstitutional, and trials like the scopes monkey trial should never have been giving standing by any court in the land in 1925 or any time.
   If all nuanced suits where given no standing by American courts, court calendars could be cleared in a matter of months bringing a modicum of sanity back into the American legal system and would put prosecutable justice back in American law by removing the pettiness of modern ignorance.
   When a business has only token women or minorities that is only nuanced evidence of discrimination plus neither the Courts or government have Constitutional authority to regulate civil discrimination. Discrimination is a cultural and moral matter and law is not, nor ever was intended to interfere or inject itself into such social or cultural problems of our society. By doing so we started the downward path to socialism, and the parsing twisting and nuanced bastardizing of our entire nation, and the destruction of freedom and liberty for all.
   America and/or our Constitution never gave the power to make the horse drink the water, even when lead to it. I guess that makes me a jackass because I refuse to drink the water or the cool aid.

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