Thursday, November 12, 2009

Guilt By Association

   Within American law it is stipulated if you are the getaway driver and never where directly engaged in the actual acts of the crime you are just as guilty as the person or persons that committed it, and subject to the same penalties. In plain language you were nothing more than a direct enabler to the crime and could be charged with capitol murder. Some have even been executed when they were not personally in the immediate vicinity. Enablers knowingly involved are subject to the application of equal quilt.
   If we are to be equally true and faithful to these laws, the quilt should fall on the organized religion of Islam for the murders committed on the army post of Fort Hood Texas. Because it enables and supports the killer or killers and in its extremes even supplies them with money, weapons’, technique and/or moral or should I say immoral support. They cannot claim any deniability because they preach and teach all the above to their followers.
   To say the least Islam is more a socially political ideology with a religious tinge and claims Islamic law is above the political laws of any nation on earth, this fact alone should remove them as a recognized religion worldwide while none of their membership should be allowed to hold any political office or position of authority in America unless they publicly denounce this claim of legal superiority over our laws, which in and of itself would be an open defiance and violation of their oaths of office.
“Islamic law” is an oxymoron! Particularly in America; where religious organizations have no authority in law period.
    This same statement also applies to any socially political ideology not directly in tandem with our constitution which is the only political ideology of America as a nation may embrace, irrespective of what an individual may ascribe to.
   Communism, Socialism, Marxism etc have no political standing in our Constitution, regardless of the political parties or the people. They are all, Persona Non Grata in America akin to treason under our Constitution, irrespective of any and all unconstitutional laws created out of generational ignorance.   
 Parents; you must teach this to all your children in defiance of the contrary being taught in our schools, and challenge most of the propaganda of government, that runs the federal education dept. Do it here and do it now!!
   Americas arch enemies’ are at our gates, on the inside of them, they got here in Trojan horse fashion and wish not to wake us from our long slumber.
All this is a (Paul Revere ) clarion call for the second time around do to the Marxist junta that has seized administrative control over the liberties of all Americans’.

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